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⚡️ Sales Conversion



Manage and facilitate the sales process from lead generation to deal closure.


  • Convert Sales Qualified Leads into deals applying ICP filters
  • Track newly created opportunities daily
  • Initiate follow-up activities for deal pipeline management
  • Monitor weekly follow-up activities by type (Connect, First Meeting, Second Meeting, Closing)


  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO): Follow opportunities and sales pipeline.
  • Sales Teams: Leverage interactions data to engage with Sales Qualified Leads and generate new opportunities.
  • CRM Managers: Ensure accurate data flow and integration within sales tools and platforms.
  • Data Analysts: Analyze sales data to provide insights for improving sales strategies.


  • Response Rate to First Message: Percentage of initial sales messages that receive a reply, indicating the effectiveness of the initial contact approach.
  • Interest Rate After First Message Reply: Percentage of replies that express interest in proceeding further, assessing the quality and engagement level of the initial interaction.
  • Sales conversion rate: Percentage of opportunities that convert into actual sales, reflecting the efficiency of the sales process.
  • Sales cycle lengths: Average time taken to complete a sales process from first contact to closing the deal, showing the overall efficiency of the sales operations.


  • Sequence of tasks from Opportunity to Closing with associated pace
    • First contact: 26/02/2024
    • Meeting 1: +10 days
    • Meeting 2: +10 days
    • Meeting 3: +10 days
    • Closing date: First contact + 30 days
  • Emails: List of email addresses to received daily notifications
  • People seniority, People Department, Organization Staff Range, etc.: List of columns from CONTACTS table to apply filter on. It could be to include or exclude values


  • DEALS table: Manage sales opportunities.
  • ACTIVITIES table: Manage follow-up activities link to deals.
  • Sales Assistant Report: Use the tables to calculate metrics and generate assets like charts and files for ad-hoc analytics (csv, png, html).
  • Sales Assistant Plugin: Use the report assets and integrate them into the chat and the search engine for end-user consumption.


Sales Opportunity Creation

  • Create opportunity: Trigger deals based on ICP filters from CONTACTS table and create deals.
  • CRM Integration (Custom): Integrate new deals into your CRM system. Available for HubSpot and Pipedrive.

Task and Follow-up Coordination

  • Automated Task Creation: Automatically generate tasks for each stage of the sales process (e.g., follow-up calls, meeting scheduling) upon the creation of a new opportunity. Use AI or rules-based triggers based on interactions data and sales stage progress.
  • Dynamic Task Prioritization: Use interactions score for prioritizing tasks based on urgency and potential impact on the sales pipeline. This system should allow sales teams to focus on high-value activities and opportunities.
  • Personalized Follow-up Strategies: Develop personalized follow-up strategies for different segments of Sales Qualified Leads, based on data insights. Tailor communication style, content, and timing to increase engagement rates.


  • CRM Deal creation
  • CRM Activities/tasks creation with first connection message
  • Add LinkedIn conversations to CRM


  • March 2024 - Add HubSpot integration to abi core model
  • March 2024 - Add Pipedrive integration to abi core model
  • April 2024 - Synchronize conversations on LinkedIn to HubSpot
  • April 2024 - Synchronize conversations on LinkedIn to Pipedrive
  • June 2024 - Integrated minutes of meetings to deal notes in HubSpot and Pipedrive from Operation Assistant.