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⚙️ Operations Efficiency



Automate and optimize operational tasks and conversations management, ensuring enhanced efficiency and streamlined workflows.


  • Extract minutes of meetings from Google Meet meetings
  • Create email draft of minutes of meetings using Zapier
  • Create list of tasks from recordings
  • Track time spent on tasks using Clockify


  • Chief Operation Officer (COO): Monitor operational efficiency.
  • Sales Teams: Enhance response time to potential customers.
  • Customer Success: Increase response speed to existing customers.
  • Data Analysts: Analyze data to provide insights for improving operations efficiency.


  • On-Time Meeting Starts: This metric is crucial to ensure punctuality and respect for everyone's time. It can be measured by the percentage of meetings that start exactly at their scheduled time.
  • Task Operational Efficiency: This measures the accuracy of task time estimates against the actual time taken to complete them. A higher percentage indicates better estimation skills and operational efficiency.
  • Conversation Management Efficiency: This could be measured by the average response time to emails or messages (staled conversations), the number of resolved issues, or customer satisfaction scores from communication.
  • Asset Utilization: This metric shows how well assets are being used. It can be calculated as the number of hits on the asset links.
  • Time Entry Accuracy: This measures the correctness of time entries in the timesheet. It can be improved by regular audits and employee training.


  • File management: Google Drive (default)
  • Meeting recording: Saved recordings to Google Drive from Google Meet (default)
  • Timesheet Management: Clockify (default)


  • CONVERSATIONS: Aggregates all kind of conversations (Emails, Social media messages, meeting recordings)
  • TASKS: Organizes operational tasks for execution, sourced from the conversations.
  • TIMESHEETS: Records all the time entry by tasks
  • ASSETS: Collect all the assets created by humans or generated by assistants.
  • Operations Assistant Report: Use the tables to calculate metrics and generate assets like charts and files for ad-hoc analytics (csv, png, html).
  • Operations Assistant Plugin: Use the report assets and integrate them into the chat and the search engine for end-user consumption.


Conversation Management

  • Aggregation: Collect all conversations, including emails, social media messages, and meeting recordings. Store and organize them in the CONVERSATIONS table.
  • Response: Ensure timely response to all conversations to maintain Conversation Management Efficiency. This includes follow-ups on meeting action items.

Task Distribution

  • Task Assignment: Assign tasks based on conversations, detailing them in the TASKS table with deadlines and responsible parties. Estimate task completion time to measure Task Operational Efficiency.
  • Follow-ups: Monitor task completion and conduct regular follow-ups to ensure timely execution.

Timesheet Management

  • Time Entry: Record all time entries by tasks in Clockify.
  • Accuracy Check: Conduct regular audits and provide employee training to ensure Time Entry Accuracy.

Asset Management

  • Collection: Gather all assets created by humans or generated by assistants from tasks. Store them in the ASSETS table.
  • Utilization: Regularly update and check the usage of assets to maintain the Asset Utilization metric.

Data Analysis and Optimization

  • Performance Tracking: Review the bar chart data to track the number of meetings and tasks completed weekly. Compare with past data to identify any significant changes or trends.
  • Efficiency Assessment: Calculate key efficiency ratios such as tasks per meeting and average task completion time. Use these ratios to gauge productivity and identify areas for improvement.
  • Insight Integration: Apply insights from the data to refine operational processes. If more conversations do not lead to an increase in task completion, consider restructuring meeting schedules to prioritize task execution.


  • Connect to GitHub
  • Connect to Notion


  • (Future plans and enhancements to be added here)