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Harness external data for enriching business intelligence and supporting strategic adaptation.


This SOP is for data analysts, strategic planners, and business intelligence professionals utilizing open data to inform business decisions.


  • Relevance scoring: Evaluates the pertinence of external data to current business questions or strategies.
  • Utilization rates of resources: Measures how frequently and effectively external data resources are accessed and used.
  • Impact analysis of external events: Assesses the effects of external events on business operations and strategies.


  • Yahoo Finance for financial data and market trends.
  • News API for real-time news articles and historical news data.
  • World Bank for global economic indicators and development data.
  • Any open data API that can provide relevant data for business intelligence.


  • EVENTS: Records relevant external events that could impact the business.
  • RESOURCES: Catalogs external resources and trends that are of strategic interest.


Monitoring and Data Collection

  • Source Identification: Identify and select open data sources relevant to the business's strategic interests, such as Yahoo Finance, News API, and World Bank.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Set up automated systems to monitor these sources continuously for new data and events.
  • Relevance Scoring: Develop algorithms to score the relevance of collected data to the business's strategic needs, using criteria such as topicality, geographical relevance, and potential impact.

Data Analysis and Integration

  • Weight Assignment: Assign a weight to monitor resources across different domains based on their relevance and impact on the business.
  • Trend Analysis: Analyze data to identify trends, patterns, and outliers that could indicate opportunities or threats.
  • Integration with Business Data: Integrate external data insights with internal data (such as sales, customer, and market data) to enrich business intelligence.

Application and Strategy Adaptation

  • Strategic Planning: Use insights derived from open data to inform strategic planning and decision-making processes.
  • Update Contacts and Deals: Utilize external data insights to update relevant contacts and deals in CRM systems, ensuring that sales and marketing strategies are aligned with the latest external intelligence.
  • Impact Analysis: Conduct impact analysis of external events on business operations, using external data to forecast potential changes and adapt strategies accordingly.


  • Connect to GitHub for collaborative development and version control of analysis scripts and algorithms.
  • Connect to Notion for organizing, sharing, and collaborating on intelligence reports and strategic insights.


  • (Future enhancements to open data intelligence processes, including planned integrations, methodological improvements, and expansion of data sources.)