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🚀 Growth Marketing



Analyze content engagement, identifying potential leads through social media engagement, scoring interactions, and enriching profiles for targeted sales outreach.


  • Extract people who liked or commented on your LinkedIn posts
  • Track engagement by cohorts to see how many people engage with your content over weeks
  • Enrich people with organization, seniority level and department with AI prompt or LinkedIn profile page information
  • Enrich organization with LinkedIn company page information
  • Gather interactions by people and create interaction score
  • Connect with marketing qualified leads with personalized messaging


  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Use growth data to understand if the audience aligns with the company's branding and marketing strategy.
  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO): Use growth data to understand if the audience aligns with the company's targets and sales strategy.
  • Marketing Teams: Analyze growth patterns, and segment audience profiles.
  • Sales Teams: Utilize enriched data for lead generation and sales strategy development.
  • Data Analysts: Support data analysis and insights generation for targeted marketing efforts.


  • Growth Rate: People continuing to interact with your content across weeks.
  • Retention Rates: Measures sustained user engagement over weeks (Cohorts analysis)
  • Interaction Scores: Totals interactions including likes and comments.
  • Seniority Distribution: Indicates seniority distribution across contacts.
  • Department Distribution: Indicates business departments distribution across contacts.
  • Organization Industry Distribution: Indicates industry distribution across organizations.
  • Organization Staff Range Ratio: Reflects staff distribution across organizations.
  • Organization Location: Identifies geographical distribution of organizations.
  • MQL & SQL Evolution: Monitors progression of Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads.
  • Time from MQL to SQL: Calculates duration for a lead to progress from Marketing to Sales Qualified.


  • Posts URL: List of posts URLs extracted from POSTS table
  • Email System: List of recipients for distributing daily reports to stakeholders are informed of content performance metrics and insights.
  • Prompt sales messagings: Guidelines for creating initial message options based on customer interactions.


  • INTERACTIONS table: Logs audience interactions with content.
  • GROWTH table: Tracks audience growth and behavior patterns across weeks.
  • PEOPLE table: Profiles individual audience members.
  • ORGANIZATIONS table: Organizations extracted from people.
  • CONTACTS table: Gather PEOPLE and ORGANIZATIONS table and create messaging options to engage with Marketing Qualified Leads.
  • Growth Assistant Report: Use the tables to calculate metrics and generate assets like charts and files for ad-hoc analytics (csv, png, html).
  • Growth Assistant Plugin: Use the report assets and integrate them into the chat and the search engine for end-user consumption.


Extraction, Scoring, and Growth

  • Interaction Extraction and Logging: Capture and log interactions from social media content, including likes, and comments.
  • Scoring Mechanism: Assign points to different types of interactions (likes: 1, comment: 3).
  • Growth Analysis: Tracks audience growth and behavior patterns across weeks.

Data Enrichment and Contact Management

  • People Enrichment: Enrich contact profiles with additional details such as seniority, department, and company information, inferred from social media profiles and detailed interaction logs.
  • Organization Enrichment: Enrich organizations with additional details such as industry, country, staff range, followers count, website URL, tagline, business description and more extracted from LinkedIn platform.
  • Contact Referential: Aggregate PEOPLE and ORGANIZATION tables and identifies contact status: “Leads”, “Marketing Qualified Leads”, “Sales Qualified Leads”.

Strategic Engagement and Personalization

  • Trigger-Based Outreach: Set up triggers based on engagement scores to initiate personalized outreach to potential leads (interaction > 3 and company identified).
  • Personalized Messaging: Utilize enriched profile data to craft personalized messages for sales outreach, addressing specific interests and engagement history.


  • CRM Person creation and enrichment
  • CRM Organization creation and enrichment
  • CRM Notes creation with interactions details linked to person


  • January 2024: Get people who likes and comment your content on LinkedIn to the INTERACTIONS table.
  • March 2024: Generate recommendation to improve audience and sales qualified leads based on content features.
  • April 2024: Get people who share your content on LinkedIn to the INTERACTIONS table.
  • May 2024: Extract interactions from YouTube videos.
  • June to September 2024: Extract interactions on publications from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.