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The NAAS Platform is build on a credit system and tier-based pre-paid packages to suit different levels of service needs, from individual developers to large enterprises.


Community$0100 creditsIdeal for individuals or small teams starting with Naas, offering basic access to the platform with a modest amount of credits to test out the services.
Plus$10200 creditsPreviously known as 'Sponsors,' this plan is great for users who require more credits for increased usage and access to more advanced features.
Pro$501,600 creditsDesigned for professional users and small businesses needing extensive use of the platform, providing a substantial credit package for broader deployment.
EnterpriseQuote+30,000 creditsTailored for large organizations with high demands, offering a starting point for a significant credit pool and the possibility to scale up as needed.


The variety of services is tailored for different operational needs that will enable access to Personal AI Assistant, ABI Mixture of Assistants data preparation and natural language queries, custom AI Assistants or traditional Data & AI Products like reports, dashboards and APIs. You can monitor our credits consumption, live, on NAAS Workspace account settings.

  • Value: Each Naas credit is valued at $0.03.
  • Usage: Credits can be applied across all Naas services.

The credit based system is designed to provide one consolidated billing, scalable and cost-effective. Below you will find the pricing structure and rate limits for each service, ensuring transparency and predictability for your operational budgeting.

This pricing structure is crafted to support scalability from startups to enterprise-level operations, providing a range of services that cater to both foundational AI operations and complex data workflows. For further information on each service and additional pricing options, please contact [email protected].