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This is the list of changes that happened on NAAS platform with the major features we introduced over time. Each update is part of our ongoing commitment to bring the power of data and AI product development and distribution to end- users in the most intuitive and impactful way possible.


(April 2021 - March 2022) - The Foundation

  • Orchestration Layer: Introduced our core orchestration layer built on top of Jupyter Lab, establishing the groundwork for the platform's functionality.
  • Jupyter Lab Enhancements: Developed enhancements to the traditional Jupyter Lab interface to improve business workflow automation experience and provide a more powerful environment for data science work.


(March 2022 - April 2023) - Expansion of Features

  • Templates: Worked with the community to opensource a suite of 3000+ templates to streamline the creation of data projects, providing users with reusable structures to accelerate development.
  • Data Product Framework Premise: Established the basic concepts of the Data Product Framework, setting the stage for a system that supports the creation, management, and distribution of data products.

v2 alpha

(April 2023 - February 2024) - Building the Communication Layer

  • Search Integration: Implemented search functionality to quickly locate notebooks templates, and other resources within Naas.
  • Chat Functionality: Introduced AI chat capabilities, allowing users to work with foundation AI models and integrate them into their manual workflows.
  • Plugin System (Alpha): Released an alpha version of our plugin system, enabling users to enhance their data products with additional features and integrations with the Chat.

v2 beta

(March 2024 - Present) - Transition to Public Beta

  • Personal and Organization Workspace: Added dedicated workspaces for individuals and organizations, providing tailored environments to manage data projects and collaborations.
  • Knowledge Graph Implementation: Integrated knowledge graph technology, enabling users to visualize and manage data relationships more effectively.
  • Marketplace Capability: Introduced the public/private marketplace, allowing users to share, discover, and install data & AI products and services.