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Unlock Monetization


The NAAS platform offers a distinctive path for users to unlock monetization opportunities through the development and sharing of Data & AI Products like AI Assistants and other kind tools (reports, dashboards, APIs) within our Marketplace. By leveraging the open-source Data & AI Product Framework we developped, users can create specialized solutions that cater to specific industry needs or general productivity enhancements. Once developed, these solutions can be published in the NAAS Marketplace, either in Public Mode, accessible to all platform users, or in Private Mode for internal use.

This ecosystem facilitates the exchange of innovative solutions and provides a venue for Data & AI professionals to distribute and monetize the assets they create. By setting a price for their products or offering them on a subscription basis, developers can generate revenue while contributing to the growth and diversification of available tools. The Marketplace acts as a shopping mall within the NAAS platform, enriching the user experience with tools, services, and applications, fostering an environment of collaboration and financial opportunity.


Embrace the chance to transform your unique ideas into profitable ventures by contributing to the expanding library of resources in the NAAS Marketplace, and start benefiting from the platform's dynamic and supportive ecosystem.

Learn more about how to build on the Naas Marketplace, contact us at [email protected].