Get Stock Update

Tags: #yahoofinance #usdinr #plotly #investors #analytics #automation
Author: Megha Gupta
Description: This notebook provides a convenient way to access up-to-date stock information from Yahoo Finance.


Import Libraries

import naas
from naas_drivers import yahoofinance, plotly
import markdown2
from IPython.display import Markdown as md

Setup Yahoo parameters

👉 Here you can input:
  • yahoo ticker : get tickers here
  • date from
  • date to
date_from = -30
date_to = "today"

Setup your email parameters

👉 Here you can input your sender email and destination email
Note: emails are sent from [email protected] by default
email_to = ["[email protected]"]
email_from = None


Get the data from yahoo finance using naas drivers

# data cleaning
df = yahoofinance.get(TICKER, date_from=date_from, date_to=date_to)
df = df.dropna() # drop the na values from the dataframe
df = df.sort_values("Date", ascending=False).reset_index(drop=True)

Extract value from data

LASTOPEN = round(df.loc[0, "Open"], 2)
LASTCLOSE = round(df.loc[0, "Close"], 2)
YESTERDAYOPEN = round(df.loc[1, "Open"], 2)
YESTERDAYCLOSE = round(df.loc[1, "Close"], 2)
MAXRATE = round(df["Open"].max(), 2)
MXDATEOPEN = df.loc[df["Open"].idxmax(), "Date"].strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
MINRATE = round(df["Open"].min(), 2)
MNDATEOPEN = df.loc[df["Open"].idxmin(), "Date"].strftime("%Y-%m-%d")

Plot the data

last_date = df.loc[df.index[0], "Date"].strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
output = plotly.linechart(
y=["Open", "Close"],
title=f"<b>INR USD rates of last month</b><br><span style='font-size: 13px;'>Last value as of {last_date}: Open={LASTOPEN}, Close={LASTCLOSE}</span>",


Save the dataset in csv

df.to_csv(f"{TICKER}_LastMonth.csv", index=False)

Create markdown template

Hello world,
The **TICKER** price is Open LASTOPEN and Close LASTCLOSE right now. <br>
**Yesterday Open**: YESTERDAYOPEN <br>
**Yesterday Close**: YESTERDAYCLOSE <br>
The Max Open rate of **TICKER** was on MXDATEOPEN which was MAXRATE. <br>
The Min Open rate of **TICKER** was on MNDATEOPEN which was MINRATE. <br>
Attached is the excel file for your reference. <br>
Have a nice day.
PS: You can [send the email again](link_webhook) if you need a fresh update.<br>
<div><strong>Full Name</strong></div>
<div>Open source lover | <a href="" target="_blank">Naas</a></div>
<div>+ 33 1 23 45 67 89</div>
<div><small>This is an automated email from my Naas account</small></div>

Add email template as dependency


Replace values in template

markdown_file = ""
content = open(markdown_file, "r").read()
md = markdown2.markdown(content)
post = md.replace("LASTOPEN", str(LASTOPEN))
post = post.replace("LASTCLOSE", str(LASTCLOSE))
post = post.replace("YESTERDAYOPEN", str(YESTERDAYOPEN))
post = post.replace("YESTERDAYCLOSE", str(YESTERDAYCLOSE))
post = post.replace("MXDATEOPEN", str(MXDATEOPEN))
post = post.replace("MAXRATE", str(MAXRATE))
post = post.replace("MNDATEOPEN", str(MNDATEOPEN))
post = post.replace("MINRATE", str(MINRATE))
post = post.replace("TICKER", str(TICKER))

Add webhook to run your notebook again

link_webhook = naas.webhook.add()

Send by email

subject = f"📈 {TICKER} Open and close rates as of today"
content = post
files = [f"{TICKER}_LastMonth.csv"]
email_to=email_to, subject=subject, html=content, email_from=email_from, files=files

Schedule your notebook

Please uncomment and run the cell below to schedule your notebook everyday at 8:00 during business days
# import naas
# naas.scheduler.add("0 8 1-5 * *")