World population evolution and projections

Tags: #worldometer #opendata #population #snippet #plotly
Author: Jeremy Ravenel


Import libraries

import pandas as pd
import as px
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import requests

Data to scrap tables

DATA_URLS = ["",
TABLE_COLS = ['Year',
'World Population',
'UrbanPop %']


Functions to scrap tables on several sites, and merge them

# Generic functions
def scrap_table(url, table_cloumns):
page = requests.get(url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(page.text, 'html.parser')
dfs = pd.read_html(page.text)
for df in dfs:
if df.columns.to_list() == table_cloumns:
return df
return None
def merge_tables_from_urls(urls, table_columns):
table = None
for url in urls:
new_value = scrap_table(url, table_columns)
if new_value is not None:
if table is None:
table = new_value
table = table.append(new_value)
return table

Create function to display graph

def create_graph(x_label, y_label, table, title="", graph_type=px.line):
fig = graph_type(table, x=x_label, y=y_label, title=title)
# Print population graph from year to year
def display_population_graph(table, x_from=None, x_to=None, graph_type=px.line):
x_label = TABLE_COLS[0]
y_label = TABLE_COLS[1]
if x_from is not None:
table = table[table.Year >= x_from]
if x_to is not None:
table = table[table.Year <= x_to]
title = f"{y_label} by {x_label}, between {table[x_label].to_list()[-1]} and {table[x_label].to_list()[0]}"
create_graph(x_label, y_label, table, title, graph_type)

Fetch tables, sort the result and remove duplicate data

table = merge_tables_from_urls(DATA_URLS, TABLE_COLS)
table = table.sort_values(by=[TABLE_COLS[0]], ascending=False)
table.drop_duplicates(subset=TABLE_COLS[0], keep="first", inplace=True)


Display the graph between -5000 and 2100

chart1 = display_population_graph(table)

Display the graph between 1800 and 2020

display_population_graph(table, x_from=1800, x_to=2020)

Display the graph between 2000 and 2100

display_population_graph(table, x_from=2000, x_to=2100)

Display a barchart between 2000 and 2100

The graph type can be change by passing a graph function as 'graph_type' (graph_type=px.line, etc)
display_population_graph(table, x_from=1950, x_to=2100,
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