Richest countries top10

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Author: Jeremy Ravenel
Top 10 richest regions & countries in GDP per capita (wealth created per habitant) and in GDP current (total wealth created by the country)
GDP CURRENT & GDP PER CAPITA by countries, agregated by region
  • World Bank national accounts data
  • OECD National Accounts data files
The top 10 for GDP current is including the G8, should the European Union be included in this ranking, it would come up 2nd biggest economy after the USA.
In the top 10 for GDP per capita, the ranking include smaller countries, only the USA remains in this ranking from the GDP current ranking.


Import libraries

import pandas as pd
from pandas_datareader import wb
import plotly.graph_objects as go


Get the association between the country and the region

pd.options.display.float_format = '{: .0f}'.format
countries = wb.get_countries()
countries = countries[['name', 'region']]

Get indicators

indicators =['NY.GDP.PCAP.CD', 'NY.GDP.MKTP.CD'], country='all', start=2018, end=2018)
indicators = indicators.reset_index()
indicators = indicators[['country', 'NY.GDP.PCAP.CD', 'NY.GDP.MKTP.CD']]
indicators.columns = ['country', 'GDP_PER_CAPITA', 'CURRENT_GDP']

Format a master table

  1. 1.
    Associate countries with regions
  2. 2.
    Clean up the data
  3. 3.
    Group rows by columns
master_table = pd.merge(indicators, countries, left_on='country', right_on='name')
master_table = master_table[master_table['region'] != 'Aggregates']
master_table = master_table[(master_table['GDP_PER_CAPITA'] > 0) | (master_table['CURRENT_GDP'] > 0)]
master_table = master_table.fillna(0)
master_table = pd.melt(master_table, id_vars=['region', 'country'], value_vars=['GDP_PER_CAPITA', 'CURRENT_GDP'], var_name='INDICATOR', value_name='VALUE')
master_table = master_table.set_index(['region', 'country', 'INDICATOR'])
master_table = master_table.sort_index()


Visualize data with a chart

table = master_table.reset_index()
gdp_per_capita_per_region = table[table['INDICATOR'] == 'GDP_PER_CAPITA'][['region', 'VALUE']].groupby('region').mean().sort_values('VALUE', ascending=False)
current_gdp_per_region = table[table['INDICATOR'] == 'CURRENT_GDP'][['region', 'VALUE']].groupby('region').mean().sort_values('VALUE', ascending=False)
gdp_per_capita_per_country = table[table['INDICATOR'] == 'GDP_PER_CAPITA'][['country', 'VALUE']].sort_values('VALUE', ascending=False).head(10)
current_gdp_per_country = table[table['INDICATOR'] == 'CURRENT_GDP'][['country', 'VALUE']].sort_values('VALUE', ascending=False).head(10)
data = [
go.Bar(x=gdp_per_capita_per_region.index, y=gdp_per_capita_per_region['VALUE'], text=gdp_per_capita_per_region['VALUE'], textposition='outside'),
go.Bar(x=current_gdp_per_region.index, y=current_gdp_per_region['VALUE'], text=current_gdp_per_region['VALUE'], textposition='outside', visible=False),
go.Bar(x=gdp_per_capita_per_country['country'], y=gdp_per_capita_per_country['VALUE'], text=gdp_per_capita_per_country['VALUE'], textposition='outside', visible=False),
go.Bar(x=current_gdp_per_country['country'], y=current_gdp_per_country['VALUE'], text=current_gdp_per_country['VALUE'], textposition='outside', visible=False),
layout = go.Layout(
title='Top 10 richest regions & countries',
margin = dict(t = 60, b = 150),
dict(showactive=True, type="buttons", active=0, buttons=[
{'label': 'GDP / Capita per region', 'method': 'update', 'args': [{'visible': [True, False, False, False]}]},
{'label': 'Current GDP per region', 'method': 'update', 'args': [{'visible': [False, True, False, False]}]},
{'label': 'GDP / Capita per country', 'method': 'update', 'args': [{'visible': [False, False, True, False]}]},
{'label': 'Current GDP per country', 'method': 'update', 'args': [{'visible': [False, False, False, True]}]}
text = 'Updated in 2018 from The World Bank',
showarrow = False,
xref = 'paper', x = 1,
yref = 'paper', y = -0.4)]
go.Figure(data, layout)