Create Waterfall chart

Tags: #matplotlib #chart #warterfall #dataviz #snippet #operations #image
Author: Jeremy Ravenel​


Import library

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.ticker import FuncFormatter


Create the waterfall chart

#Use python 2.7+ syntax to format currency
def money(x, pos):
'The two args are the value and tick position'
return "${:,.0f}".format(x)
formatter = FuncFormatter(money)
#Data to plot. Do not include a total, it will be calculated
index = ['sales','returns','credit fees','rebates','late charges','shipping']
data = {'amount': [350000,-30000,-7500,-25000,95000,-7000]}
#Store data and create a blank series to use for the waterfall
trans = pd.DataFrame(data=data,index=index)
blank = trans.amount.cumsum().shift(1).fillna(0)
#Get the net total number for the final element in the waterfall
total = trans.sum().amount
trans.loc["net"]= total
blank.loc["net"] = total
#The steps graphically show the levels as well as used for label placement
step = blank.reset_index(drop=True).repeat(3).shift(-1)
step[1::3] = np.nan
#When plotting the last element, we want to show the full bar,
#Set the blank to 0
blank.loc["net"] = 0
#Plot and label
my_plot = trans.plot(kind='bar', stacked=True, bottom=blank,legend=None, figsize=(10, 5), title="2014 Sales Waterfall")
my_plot.plot(step.index, step.values,'k')
my_plot.set_xlabel("Transaction Types")
#Format the axis for dollars
#Get the y-axis position for the labels
y_height = trans.amount.cumsum().shift(1).fillna(0)
#Get an offset so labels don't sit right on top of the bar
max = trans.max()
neg_offset = max / 25
pos_offset = max / 50
plot_offset = int(max / 15)
#Start label loop
loop = 0
for index, row in trans.iterrows():
# For the last item in the list, we don't want to double count
if row['amount'] == total:
y = y_height[loop]
y = y_height[loop] + row['amount']
# Determine if we want a neg or pos offset
if row['amount'] > 0:
y += pos_offset
y -= neg_offset


Display result

#Scale up the y axis so there is room for the labels
#Rotate the labels