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Send invitation to profile from post likes
Follow connections from profile
Follow content engagements monthly
Follow content likes weekly
Send followers demographic data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
Get guests from event
Get likes from post
Get stats from post
Get messages from profile
Get comments from post
Send invitation to profile
Get polls from post
Send invitations to post commenters
Follow content published by weekdays by months
Update metrics from posts in Notion content calendar
Get profile information
Send weekly post engagement metrics by email
Get age and gender from profile picture
Follow content views weekly
Send invitation to company followers
Get invitations sent
Follow content comments monthly
Get connections from network
Send posts feed to gsheet
Send message to profile from post likes
Get posts engagements
Send comments from post to gsheet
Get invitations received
Send message to new connections
Get followers from network
Get sentiment emotion irony offensiveness from comments
Send event invitations post engagements
Follow number of connections monthly
Generate leads from posts
Get network from profile
Accept all invitations and send first message
Withdraw pending profile invitations
Get company posts stats
Send likes from post to gsheet
Send message to profile
Send company followers to Google Sheets
Follow content engagements weekly
Extract content world cloud
Follow content views monthly
Get info from company
Follow content frequency
Ignore invitation received
Get identity from profile
Follow content views by weekdays by hours
Follow company followers
Get resume from profile
Follow content likes monthly
Accept invitation received
Create posts metrics dashboard
Send profile followers by email
Follow content published weekly
Get contact from profile
Get profile posts stats
Get company followers
Send connections from network to gsheet
Update metrics from company posts in Notion content calendar
Get conversations
Follow content comments weekly
Follow content published monthly