Clean mailbox

Tags: #gmail #productivity #naas_drivers #operations #automation #scheduler
Author: Florent Ravenel
Description: This notebook helps you quickly and easily organize your Gmail inbox by removing unwanted emails.


Import libraries

import naas
from naas_drivers import email
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import as px

Setup Variables

Create an application password following this procedure
  • username: This variable stores the username or email address associated with the email account
  • password: This variable stores the password or authentication token required to access the email account
  • smtp_server: This variable represents the SMTP server address used for sending emails.
  • box: This variable stores the name or identifier of the mailbox or folder within the email account that will be accessed.
  • remove_emails_from: This variable stores the list of emails to be deleted in your email box
  • cron: CRON to be set to schedule your notebook. More info here
# Inputs
username = "[email protected]"
password = naas.secret.get("GMAIL_APP_PASSWORD") or "xxxxxxxx"
smtp_server = ""
box = "INBOX"
remove_emails_from = ["[email protected]"]
# Outputs
cron = "0 20 * * *" #everyday at 8PM


Connect to email box

emails = email.connect(username, password, smtp_server=smtp_server)

Get email list

df_emails = emails.get()
print(f"✅ Emails fetched:", len(df_emails))


Deleting using email id

for index, df in enumerate(df_emails["from"]):
sender_email = df["email"]
uid = df_emails.loc[index, "uid"]
subject = df_emails.loc[index, "subject"]
if sender_email in remove_emails_from:
emails.set_flag(uid, "DELETED")
print(f"✅ Email '{subject}' from '{sender_email}' removed from mailbox.")

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