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Here are the articles in this section:
Clone repository
Track issues on projects
List closed pull requests
Send template maintainer monthly report
Download repository from URL
List team members
Create leaderboard of contributors
List branches with open PR
Update issue
Create pull request
Create repository on personal account
Track notebooks created over time
Get team membership for a user
List issue comments
Get profile from user
Send templates created on a notebooks to Slack channel
Close issue
Get files changed on pull request
Get issues from repo
Create Repo
Follow stargazers trend
Get files added on pull request
Send stargazers to Google Sheets
Add new member to team
Download file from url
Get a repository
Get commits ranking from repository
Read issue
Get most starred repos
Create issue
Delete an issue comment
Get DataFrame with issue estimate from project view
List pending team invitations
Get Traffic Clones on repository
List branches
Download Excel file from URL
Remove member from team
Get active projects
Send contributor activity on slack
Get commits from repository
Create an issue comment
Get weekly commits from repository
Remove team membership for a user
Create plugin with commands
Get Traffic Views on repository
List open pull requests
Remove directories with branches closed on my local
List organization repositories
Clone repository and switch branch
List stargazers from repository
Setup connection
Reopen issue
List all pull requests
Clone open branches from repository on my local
Add new issues as page in Notion database
Peform basic actions
Create newsletter based on repository activity
Get profiles from teams
Get commits history from file path
Create Issue from Naas Chat
Get open pull requests
Add or update team membership for a user
Connect from Naas Chat