Get export Actifs

Tags: #bazimo #pm #naas_drivers #asset #scheduler #naas #csv #operations #automation
Author: Florent Ravenel
Description: This notebook provides an easy way to export active assets from Bazimo, allowing users to quickly and efficiently manage their assets. It is a great tool for keeping track of assets and ensuring that they are up to date.


Import library

from naas_drivers import bazimo
import naas

Setup Bazimo

# Credentials
bazimo_email = "bazimo_email"
bazimo_pwd = "bazimo_pwd"
# Export name
bazimo_export = "Actifs"
# Export output
csv_output = f"Export_{bazimo_export}.csv"

Schedule your notebook

# Get your data updated everyday 15 min from 9 to 20 during week days.
naas.scheduler.add(cron="*/15 9-20 * * 1-5")
# -> Uncomment this line and run the cell to delete your scheduler
# naas.scheduler.delete()


Get export

df_bazimo = bazimo.connect(bazimo_email, bazimo_pwd).exports.get(bazimo_export)


Save dataframe in csv


Share your dataframe with naas

-> You can integrate the link below into your Excel spreasheet. Check the procedure here
# -> Uncomment this line and run the cell to delete your asset
# naas.asset.delete(csv_output)