What's coming in the next few days, weeks, months.

Coming within a few days

Check out our Roadmap on GitHub. You'll see the features we're currently working on or about to. You may also give us insights, by adding your own issues and voting for specific features/drivers/templates.

Coming within a few weeks/months

We understand that we're not "production-ready" for a lot of companies yet. In the end, we just got started in July 2020, so we're at the beginning of the journey. Here is a highlight of the main features we are planning on releasing in the next few months:
Landing in July or so:
    0Auth login method to auto-connect with Google, LinkedIn, Github
    Improvements to the onboarding experience.
    Support of most popular databases.
    Support of data lakes
Coming a bit later:
    Our credit management interface.
    Collaboration features from JupyterLab release 3.0.
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