Where we come from, and were we are going.



Phase 1: MVP launch

Objective: Validate the market need for low-code data science templates.
  • Feb 2020: R&D of Naas low-code microservices deployed on AWS
  • Nov 2020: Soft launch on Product Hunt
  • Dev 2020 - Feb 2021: Bootstrapping product dev and community building.
😇 2.5 people full-time
🔂 6 low-code features
🏎 35 low-code drivers
💚 +50 contributors
👨‍💻 +1500 free accounts
🌎 +70 countries
😎 +200 templates
🚀 +300 people on Slack
💰 +400 business leads identified
⭐️ +1200 stars on Github
⚡️ +3700 commits on Github
🤖 +10k jobs created
🗓 +500k events managed
💬 +1m views on social medias

Phase 2: focus on Templates

Objective: Building the biggest business-ready library of low-code data science templates.
  • Feb 2022: Meeting at Netflix about the need for more Data Science templates, and the importance of creating a standard framework and abstraction with low-code.
  • Mar 2022: Launch of the "Naas Templates Tournament" to create 1000 templates.
Tournament content:
Create 1000 templates inspired by
  • Zapier's most popular workflows
  • A curated list of more than 100 private business metrics
  • A community-based project aggregating the most comprehensive list of the world public metrics to create a global indicator (the WHI: World Health Indicator)
  • Creators
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product
  • Finance
  • Investors
  • Open Data
List of Templates to be developed

Phase 3: focus on AI experience for decision making.

Objective: Create a seamless decision-making experience between humans and machines.
  • No-code interface
  • Search for metrics (text, voice)
  • Arbitrage between human and machine-powered decisions.
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Community edition

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Enterprise edition

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