The control center of your Naas.
The “__production__” folder visible in your file system is where you can see where your notebooks and files are sent to be scheduled, exposed, triggered to create data jobs.


Going to production should not be so complicated.
Today, you need to :
  • Deploy a server
  • Setup a cron job
  • Ask some technical help to maintain it in the long run
With Naas, everything is setup. You just need to manage a Production folder, and follow what's going on in the Naas Manager interface.

How it works ?

When you run Naas magic low code formulas (see the Features section), your notebook is automatically sent to the "⚡️→ Production" folder.
Here will be kept:
  • Your latest notebook
  • Your files dependencies
  • Your history of each notebook with a timestamp
  • The output notebook (in case you need to debug, you will see here the error message)