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Callback (Alpha)

Get and receive data from outside Naas network, usefull for OAuth and other need who need light and fast response.
In local you need to run the callback machine to make it work. refer to the doc to install it.


Create callback URL
url, uuid = naas.callback.add()

Without self destroy

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(auto_delete=False)

With custom response

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(response={"toto": "tata"})

With custom response headers

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(response_headers={"toto": "tata"})

With default result

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(default_result={"toto": "tata"})

Disable override response

If URL is called multiple time, only the first response will be kept
url, uuid = naas.callback.add(no_override=True)

For specifics user (Admin)

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(user="[email protected]")

Force UUID (Admin)

url, uuid = naas.callback.add(user="[email protected]", uuid="test")


You can list all callback you have created
df = naas.callback.list()

For specifics user (Admin)

df = naas.callback.list(user="[email protected]")


You can get a callback result.
if a callback didn't been called yet, the result will be None
data, headers = naas.callback.get(uuid)

Wait until data present

It will wait a maximum of 3000 sec
data, headers = naas.callback.get(uuid, True)

Wait until data present with Timeout

timeout is in seconds
data, headers = naas.callback.get(uuid, True, 10)

Get the full data

data = naas.callback.get(uuid, raw=True)

For specifics user (Admin)

url, uuid = naas.callback.get(uuid, user="[email protected]")


You can remove any callback by UUID.

For specifics user (Admin)

naas.callback.delete(user="[email protected]")

List all (Admin)

Allows retrieving all callback made by all users as admin.
import naas