Interact with your Notion workspace.

This driver is now deprecated. We are working on updating it with Notion official API

Don't feel like reading the doc πŸ˜… ? Get started with this 3min video.

If you are not familiar with Notion, check out their website. It's pretty amazing all-in-workspace.

Find below is their websiteπŸ‘‡

Before anything, you have to connect to your account in notion and get your session token

First, click right on the notion page and select inspect

Then select the Application tab (shown in the red box)

Finally, look for the token_v2and copy the value on the right, this is the way to login to your Notion workspace.

Get collection

import naas_drivers
token = "*********"
url = ""
collection = naas_drivers.notion.connect(token=token).get_collection(url)

Create entry

import naas_drivers
token = "*********"
url = ""
n = naas_drivers.notion.connect(token=token)
cv = n.get_collection(url, raw=True)
# Add a new record
row = cv.collection.add_row() = "Just some data"
row.is_confirmed = True
row.estimated_value = 399
row.files = [""]
row.person = client.current_user
row.tags = ["A", "C"]
row.where_to = ""


Get the notion page content

import naas_drivers
token = "*********"
url = ""
page = naas_drivers.notion.connect(token=token).get(url)
print("The old title is:", page.title)
# Note: You can use Markdown! We convert on-the-fly to Notion's internal formatted text data structure.
page.title = "The title has now changed, and has *live-updated* in the browser!"

Traversing the block tree

for child in page.children:
print("Parent of {} is {}".format(,

Adding a new node

from notion.block import TodoBlock
newchild = page.children.add_new(TodoBlock, title="Something to get done")
newchild.checked = True

Deleting nodes

# soft-delete
# hard-delete

Create an embedded content type (iframe, video, etc)

from notion.block import VideoBlock
video = page.children.add_new(VideoBlock, width=200)
# sets "property.source" to the URL, and "format.display_source" to the embedly-converted URL

Create a new embedded collection view block

collection = client.get_collection(COLLECTION_ID) # get an existing collection
cvb = page.children.add_new(CollectionViewBlock, collection=collection)
view = cvb.views.add_new(view_type="table")
# Before the view can be browsed in Notion,
# the filters and format options on the view should be set as desired.
# for example:
# view.set("query", ...)
# view.set("format.board_groups", ...)
# view.set("format.board_properties", ...)

Moving blocks around

# move my block to after the video
my_block.move_to(video, "after")
# move my block to the end of otherblock's children
my_block.move_to(otherblock, "last-child")
# (you can also use "before" and "first-child")

Lock/Unlock A Page

# The "locked" property is available on PageBlock and CollectionViewBlock objects
# Set it to True to lock the page/database
page.locked = True
# and False to unlock it again
page.locked = False

You can also get it in raw format to be able to edit it :

Discover more usage with the documentation of the original notion python package we are using.